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Adapt the learning to a variety of presentation needs

No matter which line of business you are in, or what role you play in your organization, Presentation Skills are a must-have. While we find ourselves in situations to deliver presentations very often, not all of us have learnt what it takes to differentiate ourselves, get audience attention and realize the desired impact. That’s where you can benefit from PrestaPresent.

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One of the most terrifying experiences for professionals is when they are asked to talk in public, sometimes irrespective of the size of the group. When you understand the science behind preparing for and making impactful presentations, these fears can be reduced to a large extent.  

PrestaPresent has been designed from our years of helping professionals prepare for and deliver presentations that has brought them results. Our program begins with a knowledge test and our analysis of one recorded video sample from you – the participant. You will also have access to preparatory work on PrestaLearn – your very own mobile learning companion. This will ensure that you embark on the learning journey with some fundamentals of presentation.  

The workshop is delivered either in person or online, either as a 16 hour program spread over two full days or is parts over a week, when virtual.  

Two weeks after the workshop, you would be required to send us evidence of how you are applying your action plans. Only then you become eligible for certification. Personalized feedback would be sent to you on your mobile learning app – PrestaLearn.